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Los Glaciares, in the Patagonian region of Argentina, includes breathtaking natural features such as Perito Moreno Glacier, Lago Argentina and Mt. Fitzroy. Perito Moreno is easily viewed from staged observation points on the hillside that it faces. It’s scale is vast, nearly 20 miles long and 3 miles wide at its face.  It’s height can vary between 200-300 feet above the water. It terminates in Lago Argentino as do many other glaciers in the Southern Patagonian ice field.  The waters of Lago Argentino are exquisitely beautiful with a deep blue color on one end and turquoise on the other. It typically contains large icebergs from its other outlet glaciers such as the Upsala Glacier which is one of the largest in the region.

Mt. Fitzroy (traditionally known as “Chalten” or smoking mountain) is one of the iconic peaks in Patagonia. It is the highest mountain in that region, 11,171 feet, and has a sharp granite face that is often enshrouded in clouds and weather. The Fitzroy massif includes Cerro Torre, another dramatic peak which is usually topped with a crown of ice outlining it’s top.

My visits have included a range of weather which has added even more to the experience.

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