Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park combines a wonderful mix of land and sea. Pink granite ledges line the eastern side of Mt. Desert Island embracing the light at sunrise. Trails and paths abound for walking and finding hidden features. Serene glacial lakes juxtapose with the surrounding mountains. Then add the charm of the small lobstering villages that dot the island, and there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Sunrise near Hull's CoveBass Harbor LighthouseEarly light, Ocean PathSunrise and fogSunriseSunriseOtter Cliffs, morning light and fogOtter Cliffs, rainy eveningBubble PondJordan PondJordan PondJordan PondSand BeachSand BeachCobblestone BeachCobblestone BeachCobblestone BeachSunrise, Cadillac MountainSunrise, Cadillac MountainSieur de MontsSieur de MontsSieur de MontsSieur de MontsValley View trailSieur de MontsCobblestone BeachNear Waterfall Bridge on the Carriage RoadsNear Hemlock Bridge on the Carriage RoadsBernardBernard