Chile-Atacama Desert

I have now had the pleasure of several visits to the Atacama region in northern Chile. The Atacama desert is one of the driest places on earth.  It receives very little rainfall, although some water flows from springs underground and feeds the salars that are scattered over the desert area. The locations range in altitude from 7,500 feet to nearly 16,000 feet at the altiplano. With the exotic Valle de la Luna, beautiful high altitude lagunas, unusual desert wetlands, the fascinating sunrises at the El Tatio geysers, and dramatic 18-20,000 foot volcanoes among its diverse features, the Atacama is one of the truly amazing places on earth.

Laguna TebinquincheLaguna TuyactoLaguna TuyactoSalar de TalarValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaValle de la LunaRio Grande gorgeRio Grande gorgePutana wetlandsSocaireSocairecemetery, Socairehigh on the altiplano near Salar de TaraChaxaChaxaChaxaChaxaChaxaChaxaChaxaLaguna TebinquincheSalar de TalarLicancabur and JuriquesLaguna MiscantiMeniques volcano at Laguna MiscantiLaguna MiscantiChaxahigh on the altiplano near Licancaburhigh on the altiplano near LicancaburSalar de TaraPacana GuardianSalar de TalarSalar de TalarSalar de TalarSalar de TalarEl Tatio geysersEl Tatio geysersEl Tatio geysersEl Tatio geysersEl Tatio geysersChaxalate light toward the Andeslate light toward the AndesLicancabur and JuriquesLicancabur and Juriques, alpenglowAtacama aerial (not a drone)