Death Valley

The Mesquite dunes in Death Valley are a photographer’s sandbox — a beautiful place to play and enjoy the light and beautiful lines that the dunes present. There’s also iconic Zabriskie Point, the canyons, salt flats and high places overlooking the valley. It’s a unique place that is always rewarding to photograph.

Mesquite DunesMesquite Dunesblowing sand, Mesquite Dunesblowing sand, Mesquite DunesMesquite DunesMesquite DunesMesquite DunesMesquite DunesMesquite Dunes and the Panamint Range iZabriskie PointZabriskie PointBadlands at Zabriskie PointBadlands at Zabriskie PointManley Beacon, Zabriskie Pointcloud over the badlandsBadlands, Zabriskie PointBadlands, Golden CanyonTwenty Mule Team CanyonBadwater salt flatsBadwater salt flatsOn the road to Dante's ViewAguereberry PointDante's ViewMesquite DunesMesquite DunesThe Milky Way from Zabriskie Point