The Galapagos Islands offer close encounters with marine mammals and birds.  These remote islands (500 miles off the coast of Equador) are now heavily visited. Most touring is done by boat with landings on the islands. One walks among the creatures and can photograph them in their natural habitat.  The Galapagos are situated over a natural geothermal hot spot in the Pacific Ocean; as a result, volcanic activity is relatively frequent and becomes an interesting aspect to observe as it shapes the environment.

Sea LionsGiant TortoiseNazca Booby (also called Masked Booby)Heron and Marine IguanasMarine IguanaMarine IguanasMarine IguanasBlue Footed BoobiesStorm Petrel Golden RaysPelican and Kicker RockFrigate Birdmale Frigate Birds calling to femalesSky pointing by a Blue Footed Booby"I do"Swallowtail gulls, an intimate momentYellow Crowned Night HeronSally Lightfoot crabLa Cumbre volcano on Fernandina IslandBartholome IslandBartholome IslandLa Cumbre eruption in 2009La Cumbre eruption in 2009La Cumbre eruption in 2009