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The wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania is one of the great spectacles on earth. Millions of wildebeests, zebras, and other grazing animals follow the seasonal growth of grasses staying on the Serengeti for much of the year, but, as the Serengeti becomes dry, migrating to the lusher growth in the Masai Mara from July through October. The cycle continues with their return to the Serengeti as the rains return. To get to the Mara the herds must cross the Mara or Grumeti rivers where crocodiles often lurk. While in the Mara we were fortunate to be in the midst of two crossings. The process can seem fickle as the wildebeest herds approach the river, consider the possibilities, and sometimes for no apparent reason decide not to cross. But when they do, it’s a thundering process, dust everywhere, as they rush down the banks of the river and jump into the water. On the opposite side they scramble up the river bank, form again as a herd, and continue their relentless wandering to greener pastures.

Of course there’s plenty more to enjoy, elephants, buffalo, hippos, lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, and for me, the elegance of the zebras in the flowing grasses.

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