Italy-architecture in Tuscany

Religious, residential, civic – there are many aspects to Tuscan architecture. Photographic would be another.  Whether interior or exterior, much of the architecture in Tuscany has historic significance, in some cases dating back to the 10th century.  And the qualities of light, space and architectural detail that are it’s fabric have wonderful expressive potential.

San GimignanoSan Casciano dei BagniEvening, San Casciano dei BagniPieve de Corsignano, PienzaPieve de Corsignano, PienzaPieve de Corsignano, PienzaPieve de Corsignano, PienzaSant'AntimoSant'AntimoSant'AntimoWine cellar, Monte Oliveto MaggioreWine Cellar, MontepulcianoRefrectory, Monte Oliveto MaggioreStreet scene, PienzaWindow, SienaCathedral, PienzaCollegiata Church, San Quirico d'OrciaPiazza del Campo, SienaPiazza del Campo, SienaEvening, Bagno VignoniEvening, San GimignanoDuomo, SienaDuomo, SienaStone steps, MonteriggioniEvening, San GimignanoEvening, SarteanoEvening, SarteanoEvening, Sarteano