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Join Eliot for an amazing experience in the desert and dunes of Namibia. Our tour will include the rarely visited Skeleton Coast.

We’ll begin our photography in the Quivertree forest with it’s unusual aloe trees where we’ll shoot late in the day and into the night. From there we’ll drive to Luderitz where we’ll have several sessions over 2 days in the former diamond mining town of Kolmanskop. Now a ghost town, its structures are “inhabited” by the shifting sands of the Namib desert. We have permits here for both sunrise and sunset shooting. With luck we may also encounter the feral horses who inhabit the desert nearby.

Next we’ll make a fairly long drive to one of the most dramatic areas of the Namib desert, Sossusvlei. With dunes of vivid red/orange sand reaching 300 meters, Sossusvlei is quite unique. Our lodge is situated within the Namib-Naukluft National Park giving us sunrise and sunset access to the dunes. We’ll also visit the unusual dried camel thorn tree remnants in the Dead Vlei pan.

From Sossusvlei we’ll drive to Swakopmund which is a fairly large coastal town. Our purpose will be to photograph the coastal dunes which are quite interesting rising up against the Atlantic. With some cooperation from the weather, we’ll drive out along the dunes toward Sandwich Harbor where the dunes and the ocean meet. Seabirds are likely here and wildlife is a possibility.

For our last location we’ll take a chartered flight north into the Skeleton Coast region and Hoanib Valley camp where we’ll experience stunning landscape and dramatic vistas. We’ll possibly also have an opportunity to meet some of the native Himba people who still live semi nomadically in this area. The Skeleton Coast is a very remote area in Namibia that receives a limited number of visitors.

The workshop is designed for 6-10 people. Our guide, Neil MacLeod, is a wonderful and knowledgeable person with whom, I’m sure, you will enjoy travelling. He is one of the leading tour providers in Namibia. I had the pleasure of his company on my first visit. He knows our locations first hand and will insure that we have excellent photographic opportunities. His company, Safariwise, have made our arrangements.

The cost of the workshop is $12,990 for shared accommodations based on 7-8 participants. The single supplement is $1300. If we travel with 6 participants there would be a surcharge of $900. This includes All accommodation as mentioned above, all meals, all park fees, excursions, ground transport in a LandCruiser type vehicle, and our charter flights to and from the Skeleton Coast. Baths are all en suite.

A wildlife Safari extension has been added in the Madikwe area of South Africa. The dates are Sept 1-4. You can contact Eliot for additional information and fees.

Additional costs include our international flights, alcoholic beverages, snacks, laundry, and anything else of a purely personal nature, tipping (I can provide guidance), travel insurance, as well as any individual transportation other than with the group.

Here is a gallery of photographs from some of our locations:

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