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There is quite a bit to experience in Namibia. Much is desert and very dry, but quite beautiful and unique. The Atlantic coast near Swakopmund has a vast flowing dune field. It gets more land rover traffic than Sossusvlei, but the dunes are magnificent nonetheless. Driving north, the unusual rocky landscape of Damaraland is somewhat otherworldly, and fascinating geologically.  The local Himba people still live authentically here and in other regions in Namibia.

In the southwest, the early San tribesmen made quivers for their arrows from the trees growing within the rocky terrain, hence the name, quiver trees. And further toward the coast, the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanscop is gradually being reclaimed by the wind blown desert sands.

On our visit to Etosha (see the wildlife gallery as well), we arrived to an unusual scene with the sun setting behind the flooded Etosha salt pan. Normally this is a vast dry pan (130 x 50 km), but for our visit it was more like Lake Etosha, and glowing beautifully at the end of the day.

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