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This might be the route slightly less traveled, but a short drive South from Porto and Vila Nova Gaia there are other points of interest. The first might be the Capela do Senhor da Padra, a small chapel built on an outcrop of rocks on Praia Miramar. Once the site of pagan rituals, the chapel was built (during the 17th century) to convert the location in to a Christian site.  A little further south in Valega is the Ingreja Matriz de Santa Maria, has beautiful examples of painted tiles on the facade as well as the interior walls. It’s easy to miss, but you really shouldn’t. Continuing the drive south you pass along the Aveiro Lagoon where traditional fishermen (and women) in their colorful “moliceiros” work in the lagoon to find fish, shellfish, and even seaweed which can be used to fertilize the agricultural fields. The boats can be found all along the lagoon, but their main harbor is in Torreira.

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