Istanbul is historic and dense.  There is so much to take in that short visits can barely do it justice. While enjoying the historic narrative, I was also interested in some of the less dramatic areas where everyday life unfolds. The expressive images of the Turkish photographer, Ara Guler, were with me as I walked in some of the neighborhoods. Have a meal at the Ara Cafe and you can enjoy his work on a large scale.

The Blue Mosque seen from the Hagia SofiaBlue MosqueBlue MosqueRustem Pasa CamiiHagia SofiaSuleymaniye Mosquebreakfast, Spice MarketSpice MarketSpice MarketGrand BazaarSpice MarketSpice MarketSpice MarketHagia SofiaIstikal StreetIstikal StreetFishing on the Galata BridgeKarakoyFishing on the BosphorusKarakoyKarakoyKarakoyKarakoyKarakoy